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How to Use Field Service Software to Take Control of Your Business


Use field service software to take control of your business

Make no mistake: If you’re using simple field service management systems, it’s holding your business back. Whether you inherited unorganized processes or have multiple software systems to sort through, taking control can seem like a hefty task.

Luckily, it doesn’t have to be. When used right, field service software can give you the control to grow, meet your goals, and improve your employees’ lives. Here’s how to use field service software to take control of your business.

Use Field Service Software to Move the Business Forward

Simply put, field service software should work with your goals. Here’s how:

Bring Payroll In-House

With the right software, you can finally bring payroll in-house, under one common system. Not only does this solve the problems that come from disconnected accounting teams, but it also makes it possible to measure productivity and improve. Imagine how much easier it is to manage finances when you can automate billing, invoicing, and inventory.

Set Up KPIs

Chances are that key performance indicators (KPIs) are already part of your growth plan. What you may not realize is that field service software can simplify goal setting and measuring. By setting up key metrics, such as business, service, and warranty KPIs, you can use software to track results and see where you’re hitting or missing your goals.

Use Field Service Software to Simplify Processes

Organize Invoices and Customer Records

There was a time when businesses had no choice but to sort through unorganized invoices. Managers had to swallow the cost of lost paperwork and had little organized information about customers.

Those days are over. Today, software puts invoices in one place, and it lets you build customer records. This reduces negative customer experiences and makes it easier to plan for the future.

Additionally, when you have customer records, your employees know your customers better. Naturally, they’re able to give clients better outcomes and improve satisfaction.

Control Inventory

When was the last time you had an out-of-stock part delay a job? How often do customers walk away because of inventory holdups? If you don’t have a handle on inventory, it causes chaos and can cost your business customers.

That’s why you should be using software to control inventory across the board. With software, your team can track inventory and automatically refill orders. That means your team knows exactly what parts are available or when they’ll arrive.

Additionally, you can use software for instant inventory lookup and retrieval. As a result, the organization cuts out delays, eliminates uncertainty, and keeps customers from walking away, shaking their heads.

Why You Need an All-in-One Solution

Unfortunately, not all field service software is equal. Some organizational leaders jump at the first solution they find. Eventually, they’re left with different software for every task, a hundred different logins, and a disconnected team. Here are some problems we’ve seen businesses face when they don’t use an all-in-one software solution:

It Delays Progress

Too often, a company doesn't account for future goals when it picks out field service software. When it comes time to grow, the company faces a tough decision: It can either add software for every new function that pops up or end up starting the shopping process over.

It Draws Out Training

Every new field service software program comes with some level of training. Unfortunately, every time you pick up a new program, your team members have to stop what they’re doing and learn how to use it. Not only is this inefficient, but it can also lead to a frustrated workforce.

It Hurts Company Culture

When different departments and teams are working with various software programs, they simply won’t be speaking the same digital language. Instead of being unified under one field service software program, they’re left siloed in their own programs. As a result, the company culture could suffer, which costs organization’s billions. According to Forbes, actively disengaged employees cost the U.S. $483 billion to $605 billion per year in lost productivity.

Use All-in-One Field Service Software to Connect Your Teams

If you do pick up an all-in-one field service software platform, you’ll be at an advantage from the get-go. Here’s how a unified software system pushes the organization forward:

It Gets Internal and External Teams Talking

Essentially, all-in-one software puts internal and external teams on the same platform. Naturally, having cross-departmental tasks such as scheduling and invoicing as well as inventory and customer records in the same system boosts efficiency, improves communication, and makes for more cohesive teams.

It Connects Tasks

If tasks aren’t connected, office workers spend much of their day making calls and trying to track down techs. All-in-one software connects the office to teammates in the field. It means internal teams can track field techs in real time, and techs can stay connected through mobile resources.

It Strengthens the Whole Organization

Overall, an all-in-one software program should strengthen the whole organization. One-off solutions may make work better for a single department, but that should never be the end goal if you want the business to progress. Instead, the benefits of software should touch every member of the organization in a positive way.

When Can You Expect to See Results?

If you want to use field service software to take control of your business, it helps to know what results you can expect. We have the resources to help you plan.

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