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Four Tips to Avoid Losing an HVAC Sale


As business owners, we constantly wonder, why did we win one job but lose the other? More often than not, our minds go to the explanation that a competitor must have offered a lower price. However, when consumers select a company to do business with there are other aspects considered in this decision that will determine who lands the sale. Check out these tips below to learn new and effective marketing deliverable s so you can woo the customer!

1. Show that you provide the solution the consumer is looking for

It’s more than price these days. Would-be buyers have become very tech-savvy. They have so much information at their disposal regarding the products we sell. Often, buyers don’t know what they want, so we must lead them down the path. The consumer may mention a particular brand, but studies show they still trust the contractor’s recommendation.

For every potential or returning customer that calls, you must ask the right questions! For example, a good HVAC contractor wants their customer to find the right system that provides comfort within the customer’s budget. By asking the right questions and getting the homeowner involved in the purchase process, the contractor can create the perfect system for his/her customer’s needs. The goal is to uncover what their needs are, and you as an HVAC professional must satisfy those needs for them. You never know, if you ask the right questions, you may discover needs the homeowner didn’t know they had!

2. Work around the customer’s schedule

For many years, the field service industry had set schedules throughout the week. These schedules often clashed with the common consumer base and their work schedules. It is often difficult for your working customers to take time off work to be home. They will often have to leave work during lunch breaks or not go to work at all. Not to mention that if customers are being flexible to your schedule, if your team has to cancel or reschedule, you could lose the sale altogether.

Today, many heating and air companies are beginning to work around the consumer’s schedule. In order to compete for the sale, some suggestions you can use to provide flexibility are offering weekend and after hour appointments.

So, give it a try! You might be surprised how well it works and who knows, your employees may even prefer the non-traditional work hours!

3. Make sure your company is easy to do business with

The slightest hint of difficulty in doing business may be one of the biggest reasons we lose sales in the residential HVAC business. Sales are lost to competitors every day because they made it easier to do business with them.

Practice the following aspects to make your company easier to work with:

  • Great customer service
  • Installing around the buyer’s schedule (nights and weekends)
  • Offering financing
  • Accepting credit cards
  • Online scheduling
  • Have a professional appearance

Unless you have been servicing a customer for quite some time, you don’t know what negative experiences they may have experienced with companies in the past. Additional What if we provide great service, show up on time, uniformed, and deliver beyond their expectations? Here are some things that will help establish initial trust and create a professional appearance for your company:

  • Uniformed employees
  • Great online reviews
  • Background checks and drug testing

It is more common the other contractor awarded the job had a higher price than you. Studies show that only a small portion of the population buys on price. The vast majority make purchase decisions based on the highest perceived value. So, take the tips above into consideration and work on developing a plan on how you can deliver higher value, instead of considering cutting costs to complete the job at a cheaper price. If you take the time to learn what matters to today’s consumer, you will always win the job!

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