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Davisware and XOi Partnership Boosts Field Service and Commercial Food Equipments Services



Davisware recently launched a noteworthy XOi partnership—pairing seamless all-in-one software with the industry’s most innovative data capture, sharing, and saving technology. Now, it’s empowering Davisware customers, lifting collaboration, and driving more repeat business for companies across the field service industry.

Whether it’s the commercial food equipment service industry, HVAC, plumbing, or any field service business, the XOi partnership is elevating the capabilities of technicians and companies. With the partnership, techs now have the tools to bridge the trade skills gap, improve on-the-job training, drastically increase tech efficiency, and reach more customers. 

The Davisware + XOi Partnership

With this partnership, Davisware customers can now capture, share, and save visual intelligence from the field with advanced XOi technology—all within GlobalEdge or Vision all-in-one field service software solutions. The fully integrated technology lets technicians record field data, document information, and relay visual information to customers and remote offices from any mobile device

Together, the partnership is enhancing the experience of their customers and boosting ROI for field service companies across field service industries. Here are a few advantages the partnership offers the industry: 

Building More Trust with Customers

Davisware customers can now provide visual proof to their clients, break down issues clearly, and build more trust with customers through images. At the same time, techs can quickly communicate problems, record issues, and relay information to both internal teams and concerned equipment owners. 

The result? Davisware customers have the tools to craft deeper bonds with their clients, increase referrals, and secure more repeat business.

Bridging the Skilled Trades Gap

It’s no secret that the skilled trades gap has been widening quickly in recent years. In fact, studies suggest the growing skills gap could have an economic impact totaling $2.5 trillion. The Davisware and XOi partnership is positioned to bridge that skilled trade chasm and move customers ahead of competitors. 

By combining Davisware and XOi technology, Davisware customers can transform any tech into their best tech. Because users can communicate in real time and record live videos for future education, the XOi partnership takes on-site training to the next level. Through the XOi partnership, Davisware customers can now access: 

  • Real-Time Video Support from Anywhere: Your best techs and internal leaders can direct field techs with live video support from anywhere. This boosts your techs’ skills, enhances training capabilities, and increases first-time fix rates.
  • Video Pausing and Live Markups: Encourage customer collaboration and simplify training with video pausing and live video markups. 
  • Full Remote Controls: You can now control a tech’s device remotely. That means it’s possible to zoom cameras, switch on flashlights, mute audio, and help techs learn seamlessly on the job.
  • Live Document and Resource Sharing: Teams can share links, manuals, guides, and notes from previous jobs to improve outcomes and boost customer satisfaction.

Going Above and Beyond to Enhance Business Capabilities

Davisware software has long been connecting teams, streamlining processes, and driving efficiency. Now, the Davisware and XOi partnership is enhancing business capabilities even more. With clearer jobsite photos and videos, more support documents, and real-time communication between the field and office, techs can deliver even better service.

At the same time, Davisware customers can now provide their clients with clear documentation that they’re using technology to exceed expectations. Advanced audio and visual technology helps differentiate field service companies and position them as clear industry leaders. 

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How the XOi Partnership Will Help Davisware Customers

The Davisware and XOi partnership is now helping Davisware customers reach their company goals faster than ever. With the industry's most advanced technology in hand, customers throughout industries are unlocking even more meaningful benefits. Here are a few ways the XOi and Davisware partnership is driving better results:

  • Increase First-Time Fix Rates: Because users can now relay problems and describe repair needs with images in real time, it’s easier for techs to complete jobs efficiently the first time. 

  • Bridge the Skilled Trades Gap: With access to live recordings and on-site direction, field service teams can quickly train and empower technicians with knowledge.
  • Get More Value from Top Technicians: Companies can tap into the skills of their top technicians like never before through remote training and direction.

  • Develop Trust with Customers and Clients: The new app allows technicians to share the details of jobs with customers through clear visual markups. This promotes transparency, collaboration with customers, more trust, and repeat business.
  • Document Full Extent of Jobs: Davisware customers can visually document jobs for future training and even better customer service.

How XOi Is Built for Commercial Food Equipment Service and All Field Services

Davisware has long been dedicated to providing users with the best technology to fit their unique industry’s needs. Davisware’s partnership with XOi reinforces this commitment to companies in the field service industry. It also gives commercial food equipment service companies a competitive advantage over industry rivals by putting the latest technology in Davisware customers’ hands.

Race Ahead of the Competition

Especially for businesses in the commercial food equipment service sector, XOi presents a new avenue to burst past competitors. Although XOi is well-known in most field service arenas, its technology is relatively new to the food equipment service field. 

As commercial food equipment service companies take advantage of all of Davisware’s software advantages, they can also build trust with customers, increase collaboration, improve tech efficiency, and position themselves as industry leaders with the XOi partnership. 

Learn What the Davisware XOi Partnership Means for Your Company

With the new Davisware and XOi partnership, two industry experts are coming together to give field service companies the most innovative tools out there. Are you interested in learning more about the Davisware and XOi and how it could elevate your company? Learn more details here about how the Davisware and XOi partnership is improving business.

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