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Attention Plumbers: What Do Your Consumers Consider When Looking To Hire?


With the plumbing industry continuously expanding, it is becoming harder and harder for companies within this market to stand out. There are now multiple company listings online and they all “seem” to be the same. So, how can you separate your company from the others and stand out? You must put your mind in the shoes of your customer and figure out what factors they desire in an ideal plumber. Check out these tips below to find out what these desired traits are!


5 factors consumers consider

when selecting a plumber:


1. Are They Licensed? 

Consumers want to hire a trustworthy company. As a plumber, it is imperative that you currently own a valid plumbing license when taking part in anything that is industry related. By being certified, you are informing the homeowner that you are not only dependable but properly trained in this field as well. 


2. Are They Insured?

Whether you are the homeowner or plumber performing the service, you should always be insured and able to provide proof of insurance if requested. Being insured protects both parties if an accident of any kind occurs. Knowing you are insured will have you walking into every business agreement being prepared for the worst and striving for the best!


3. Can They Provide Estimates?

Most customers want to have a general idea of how much your service will cost them, so there are no big surprises when you hand over the final invoice. Advertise that you can give your them an estimate up front. The potential client will feel at ease having an estimated guess of how much the service will cost and you'll both begin this journey on the same page.

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4. What is Their Experience/Background?

In the service industry, the experience is what customers want. By checking a company's history, consumers can find out how long a company has been in business and if there have been any problems. They might even ask around to see if anyone has used a particular company in the past and see if they had a positive or negative experience.


5. What Do Their Online Reviews Say?

Consumers always check online to see what reviews have been posted about a company they are considering. Remember, providing great service to a customer increases the chances of your company being hired again in the future and it's great for referrals! Having happy customers is a result of the plumber being prompt, skilled, and courteous. Encourage them to leave a review of your company on your desired site after completing a service!


Now that you have taken a peek into what homeowners are looking for when hiring a plumbing company, you can make it known that you have their checklist complete! Use these tips to revitalize how you advertise to customers and start lining up those new jobs!


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