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What Effective Scheduling Tips Should Every Dispatcher Know?


Whether you're a home service shop that offers emergency services or scheduled services to homeowners, how you chose to schedule your team heavily influences how efficient and profitable your business can become.

Schedule blue  Optimizing your schedule to complete as many jobs as possible will help the day run more efficiently, and potentially prevent you from losing a full day’s productivity. Which begs the question, what are these effective scheduling tips every dispatcher should know?

Well, let’s take a look below to find out!

1. Evaluate Your Team

Before you jump right, it is important that you have a clear understanding of how well your technicians perform on a daily basis. If your shop is like most other shops, you have a variety of employee types within your team. You may have a mix of full and part-time employees, apprentices, and maybe even freelancers or subcontractors. It is important that everyone on your team has a clear understanding of what their role is within the team in relation to your goal as a successful, growing company.

2. Plan Ahead

By implementing a well-established scheduling practice, you will find that it becomes easier to release tentative schedules for your employees to view ahead of time. When you plan ahead and share that with your team, you give your field techs insight into what their workload is going to be. This knowledge of what is to come can help your team advise your dispatchers with possible adjustments whenever a curveball is thrown their way!

3. Learn How to Categorize Upcoming Jobs

In order to keep your business on track as the work week progresses, pay attention to upcoming jobs and where they are located. When considering who to assign to any particular job, individual skill sets should not be the only determining factor. Geography, and where each tech is traveling from, should also be considered. For example, more time and money will be wasted if you send your technicians crisscrossing around town 6 times only to service 3 jobs. By scheduling jobs with geography also in mind, you can reduce "windshield time," minimize wear and tear on your vehicle fleet, and have your technicians on-site fixing things instead of sitting behind the wheel in traffic.

4. Take Advantage of Recurring Appointments

We have previously discussed the perks that maintenance agreements and contracts can offer to your business. Well, not only are they great because of the dependable revenue stream they provide during your slower seasons, but they also are great because they present an opportunity to gain recurring appointments! Not only is this often the preferred option for homeowners but it also allows you to bulk schedule for months into the future.

Effectively scheduling your field service technicians takes vigilance and, in some cases, it takes some quick thinking.  If you take into account these 4 tips, you too can make your scheduling process as effective, and efficient, as possible.  Your goal should be to never have to worry about playing the urgent game of catch-up after losing any part of a day’s productivity again!


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