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5 Ways Field Service Management Software Can Make Your Company More Efficient



Unorganized systems are costing business owners more time and money than most realize. In fact, low employee engagement alone is costing businesses an estimated $7 trillion in lost productivity. At the same time, the chaos of having multiple systems leads to botched jobs, mistakes, and frustrated employees.

Have you felt the stress or financial pain of having multiple software systems? There’s relief out there. The right all-in-one software can help eliminate these daily headaches and transform your business for the better.

Here are the ways all-in-one field service management software can improve your operations and improve your cash flow.

Problems Field Service Management Software Solves

Unfortunately, if you aren’t using all-in-one field service management software, it may be causing more problems than you recognize. Here are some common problems hampering companies that are using manual systems or piecemeal programs:

Unorganized Workflows

If you don’t have a single program to track and manage workflows, it can cause confusion. What’s more, teams are disconnected and left working within their own programs. 

Even worse, without a clear way to track data, how can you measure success? Simply put, it’s tough to make progress and execute a vision when the company doesn’t have a single source of data to drive that plan. 

Wasted Time

Employees don’t want to waste their time sorting through paperwork or keeping track of documents. Even if you’ve moved to digital processes, double entries lead to errors and lost productivity. As a whole, if your software isn’t simplifying data entry and flowing into a single source, you’re burning precious manpower.

Costly Errors

We hear about this scenario all too often: A tech is out on the job, and they arrive only to find they’re not prepared or they’re unable to complete the work then and there. They’re left wasting time and fuel while traveling back to the shop.

Equally bad, if scheduling and dispatching aren’t spot-on, customers will quickly lose patience and become dissatisfied.

Unengaged Teams

The last thing a company wants is employees operating in silos. In addition to hurting the culture, this makes it difficult for teams to do their jobs efficiently. For instance, if your systems are disconnected, your internal teams may spend hours trying to track down techs. 

At the same time, field techs need digital resources to keep up with the demand of a fast-paced environment. If the organization isn’t using an all-in-one software system, it’s hard to give techs the technology they need to succeed. 

Inability to Keep Up with Demand

Manual processes or simple software programs may work fine at first, but when companies grow, leaders can quickly feel overwhelmed. The problems compound when an organization starts picking up multiple systems to address growing needs.

With every new program comes more training as well as more confusion. Ultimately, if organizations can’t keep up with demand, customer outcomes will suffer. 

5 Ways Field Service Management Software Can Help

An all-in-one field service management platform should improve work for every one of your team members. Today, field service software makes it possible to manage scheduling, organize dispatching, and build a more connected team. Here’s how all-in-one software solves the problems facing your organization:

1. Better Tech Management

Field service management software makes it easy for schedulers and dispatchers to track techs. In addition to job updates, the software gives leaders the tools they need to stay organized and deploy techs efficiently.

2. Simplified Payments and Accounting

With advanced field service management software, companies can bring accounting in-house and simplify payments. Order information, invoices, and payment histories are on one clean platform. That means teams can see exactly who has paid, where the money is flowing, and how to bring in more cash. 

3. Fewer Mishaps 

Field service management software eliminates costly entry mishaps and helps workers head into jobs prepared. With the right software, techs have access to customer information and a full job history. That means fewer callbacks, fewer mistakes, and access to on-the-job resources.

Additionally, all-in-one software pushes everyone onto the same communication platform. Because everyone is working within the same system, communication between teams, staff, and customers improves. That means less confusion and fewer problems that turn away customers. 

4. More Satisfied Customers

By streamlining efficiency and improving processes, an organization can elevate its performance. That means higher first-time fix rates, fewer delayed appointments, and more satisfied customers. 

5. Simpler Growth Management

Software makes it easy for companies to track and manage growth. Because it gives business leaders automated processes from start to finish, and metrics that can drive decisions, all-in-one software makes it easier to grow in an organized way. 

What to Look for in Field Service Software

Wondering how to pick out the right field service software program for your operation? Here’s a simple checklist of important features:

  • All-in-one capabilities: You shouldn’t have to hassle with multiple logins or disconnected programs. It’s best to pick a program that connects the whole team on a single platform. 
  • Scalability: As your company grows, you’ll want your software to keep up. Make sure it’s customizable and powerful enough to provide the functions you want when you need them.
  • A provider partnership: One-off software providers can be tempting, but when your team has questions or technical issues come up, you’ll be left high and dry. At the same time, you won’t have many options when you want to expand your software’s capabilities. 

How to Pick the Right Field Service Software Partner

It’s easy to see how software can improve your business, but finding the right provider isn’t always so simple. Here are some things to look for in a field service software partner:

They Should Be Authentic

We’ve all had a negative experience with a shady salesperson. If it seems like a software provider is hiding something, they probably are. When picking out a software partner, watch out for misleading pitches that advertise hands-off solutions or programs that don’t require training.

A high-quality provider will be up front about how much effort is needed to successfully implement the software. They should also be transparent about what the software can and can’t do for your business. Stay away from providers who try to push software that doesn’t fit both your company’s goals and the particulars of your industry.

They Should Have a Full Set of Features for Your Industry

Too often, an owner will fall for flashy sales pitches, marketing gimmicks, or deceptively low prices — only to be stuck with a basic field service software solution. Instead, it pays to take the time to pick a solution that supports the unique functionality your business demands. Simple solutions may seem adequate at first glance, but they can hang you and your workforce out to dry.

So what does high-quality software look like? Of course, the software should help you manage the workforce, but it should do more. The software should unify teams and connect back offices to field operations. It should also give owners the tools they need to widen their customer base.

Their Software Should Be Scalable

It’s easy to settle for the first software solution that meets your immediate needs. However, that philosophy can cause headaches when your business grows.

Entering the initial shopping process with scalability in mind can save money and frustrations later on. When your company grows, so will your needs. You may start out with a goal to organize workflows, improve efficiency, and attract more customers. However, as your business grows, you may want to add advanced functions, such as progress-based billing or parts distribution.

When those needs pop up, your company will face a few choices. You can cherry-pick one-off solutions for each new function or drop all the progress you’ve made and pick up a whole new system. Either way, taking the time to choose a scalable program from the get-go helps you avoid that unwinnable decision.

They Should Be a True Partner

It may be tempting to pick up a hands-off program. After all, providers usually promise business-changing solutions with limited or no training. However, one-and-done solutions are a recipe for disaster.

Without training, it’s easy to become frustrated and burnt out. It’s natural. It doesn’t matter how powerful a tool is; if you don’t know how to use it, you’re going to want to drop it for an easier solution. Much of the time, that ends up meaning your business drops the software you spent weeks or months picking out. It also means throwing that investment out the window and starting at square one.

For vigilant businesses, a lack of training might not lead to giving up on the software altogether. You might persist through confusing software and maybe even learn a few functions. However, it still leaves the business missing out on the full capabilities of the software.

In either case, the better option is to choose a provider who is willing to act as a partner. They should offer full training, user conferences, and ongoing support.

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