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Technology vs. Paper: Why Service Contractor Software Always Wins


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There’s a common question floating in the minds of many field service business owners: Should I stick with what I know or start embracing technology?

Although it may seem like a fair question, if your business is unwilling to pick up technology, the company may already be suffering. In fact, 92 percent of employees now say having technology affects their satisfaction.

with advancements in service contractor software, the right answer to this question is becoming crystal clear. Here’s why, in the battle between paper and technology, service contractor software has an unfair advantage:

The Advantages of Service Contractor Software

It’s common to feel attached to paper-based systems and manual processes. After all, these methods used to be the most sure-handed way to conduct business. However, with the latest capabilities of advanced service contractor software, technology is opening up new possibilities for businesses.

What many business owners sometimes assume is that technology will replace procedures altogether. In reality, technology simply makes it easier to do your job. Consider how much time you’ve spent sorting through paperwork, writing notes, and digging through piles for lost documents. Today, advanced software lets you store, access, and retrieve work orders, pricing sheets, and important documents in one easy-to-find place. That means technology is making it easier to conduct business and avoid daily headaches.

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Similarly, technology can help field technicians do their job better. All-in-one software makes it possible for techs to record a full maintenance history and any important notes that go along with a job. That means they step onto new jobsites more prepared and don’t have to rely on sloppy handwritten notes or vague recollections to get work done. If questions come up on the job, the software also provides ways to review manuals or other job-related resources.

On top of that, technology makes it possible to connect field techs with the office. With software, administrators can manage tech schedules and monitor progress. It makes it easier to organize the day and the crew. At the same time, technology makes it easier to dispatch and route the right tech to the right job, when they’re needed.

Why Embracing Technology Means a Better Business

When it comes to service contractor software, technology can organize processes, make jobs easier, and eliminates the need and added costs associated with paper. But how does it improve HVAC businesses? Here are some of the top ways technology can be used to improve your company:

It Leads to Improved Technician Efficiency

As any tech will tell you, there’s no such thing as too much information about a job. The more history and details about a customer or site, the easier it is to diagnose problems, have positive interactions with customers, and avoid unnecessary work. With histories, notes, and customer information stored in one place, techs can head into jobs confidently with technological resources in hand.

At the same time, software helps you cut out the waste that’s bogging down your company’s bottom line. After all, 46 percent of small and medium-sized businesses say their organization wastes a significant amount of time on paper-intensive processes. Technology eliminates the costs that come with routine waste while cutting down costly on-the-job mistakes, stopping mis-quotes, and helping techs show up to jobs prepared the first time.

It Unifies the Whole Office

We’ve mentioned technology can connect teams and streamline information, but what does that mean for business leaders?

One often overlooked advantage software users have is the ability to learn where or how the business can improve. For instance, when owners have data about performance, inventory, revenue, and costs in one place, they can set up goals and key performance indicators (KPIs). That simplifies finances and sheds light on where to invest to get the most in return.

At the same time, all-in-one software opens up opportunities for reaching new customers. Once metrics, figures, communications, and systems move to a digital form, it’s a breeze to take control of strategic marketing. That means more business and happier customers.

It Creates a Better Customer Experience and Better Outcomes

As people get used to a digital world, manual processes can send a negative message to customers. Too often, when customers see chaotic processes and messy desks, they start to worry. After all, what if their work order gets lost in the pile or a handwritten message about their property isn’t passed on?

Having information secure and in one accessible place gives customers peace of mind. At the same time, employees trust the process more and don’t have to worry that they’re missing an important piece of the puzzle.

Implementing the Latest Technology in Your Business

When it comes to service contractor software, it’s clear that technology can improve efficiency, reduce costs, and foster better communication. However, not all software is created equally.

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