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10 HVAC Apps to Help Your Service Division Manager



If you’re on top of the latest field service trends, you already know today’s workforce needs tools that you won’t find in your metal toolbox. To take your team to the next level,  you’ll, no doubt, want to tap into on-the-job technology. That means harnessing the power and convenience of mobile apps.

Unfortunately, with so many HVAC apps out there, it can be hard to know which ones are worth downloading. 

Don’t worry. We’ve done the research for you. Read on for our top HVAC apps that help service division managers stay organized, increase their productivity, and improve the day-to-day of their teams.

Tools to Help Service Division Managers Stay Organized

As a service division manager, more organization means less stress for you, a more productive team, and happier customers. These apps are designed to keep everything in its place so you can cut out distractions and focus on improving results for customers.

1. HVAC Service Manager App

HVAC Service Manager makes it easier to create and keep track of estimates. It lets you quickly churn out estimates for jobs from your smart device. Plus, you can transfer forms from your handheld device to a customer’s email or a printer in a few seconds. 

2. My HVAC Events

My HVAC Events compiles the dates and details of every HVAC meeting or event you have on the horizon. What makes it especially useful for service division managers is that it lets you store the most important details about each HVAC event, including social media links, notes on who’s attending, logistic breakdowns, and event materials.

3. CompanyCam

If you catch yourself spending big chunks of your day sorting through jobsite photos, CompanyCam can be a lifesaver. This app organizes your job photos for you. It includes sections for before and after pictures, document scanning, shortcuts to important photos, and clear project labels. Another feature we love is its annotation function, which lets you draw and write notes directly on your photos. 

Apps to Prepare Your Field Service Team 

Ever wish your team was brushing up on its skills during its downtime? Need tools to help level up new employees? HVAC apps are making learning more accessible than ever. Here are the top apps that keep service division managers on their toes and sharpen the whole team’s skills: 

4. HVAC School 

We like HVAC School because it isn’t just for new techs. It gives you access to a variety of educational levels and presents them in diverse ways. For instance, you can listen to HVAC industry podcasts during your commute or read tech-tip articles during your downtime. It also includes a handy section with HVAC calculators and equations. 

5. Complete HVAC Dictionary 

The Complete HVAC Dictionary is an app every HVAC pro should keep in their pocket. It’s a quick, simple reference guide with more than 3,000 terms. It covers subjects in detail and gives you a deep look at heating, air-conditioning, and ventilation terms.

6. HVAC Test Pro 2020

If you have a team member who needs to update their HVAC skills, HVAC Test Pro 2020 will be a game changer. It’s essentially an advanced study guide, with questions, practice tests, flash cards, and reports. What makes this app great is that you can pick it up at any time. That means employees can buff up on training in between tasks or during daily lulls. 

On-the-Job Tools to Use and Give Your Techs

The age of guesswork is over. There are now resources your field techs can take with them on the job to diagnose and repair units. Your techs don’t need to make a call or search online for unit specifics. There are apps that make it easy to find answers quickly. Here are some of the best apps service division managers can give their teams:

7. HyTools 

HyTools is an app that gives you access to an advanced hydronic calculator. Just enter two values, and it will spit out the third. It includes valuable on-the-job measurements, tracking temperature changes, pressure drops, pipe sizing, and valve sizing. It also features unit conversions and multiple language settings. 

8. HVAC Duct Sizer

HVAC Duct Sizer may be the most popular duct-sizing app out there. It helps you run a fast and easy duct-sizing analysis on the go. In addition to working as a duct-sizing tool, it also includes an HVAC equipment locator to keep track of equipment and plan new jobs. 

HVAC Manuals and Troubleshooting Apps

Want to improve first-time fix rates, reduce stress, and improve customer satisfaction? Give your team members access to troubleshooting apps and manuals so they can complete jobs right the first time. Here are the top resources we’ve found:

9. GEMAIRE HVAC Contractor Assist

GEMAIRE HVAC Contractor Assist is a bit of a catch-all for HVAC pros. It includes order management tools with real-time status updates. It also provides on-site resources, including a duct calculator, resource materials, and specification sheets for new installations. 

10. iManifold 

iManifold uses live system data to calculate HVAC and refrigeration system performance. It’s built to help techs troubleshoot problems at the jobsite, enter information, and work through common system failures. It features more than 40 equipment profiles, and you can customize the tool to include other common systems. 

Want a Robust Software Solution for Your Business?

These top apps should help keep service division managers and their teams organized, united, informed, and productive. However, when it comes to streamlining field service operations and increasing productivity, apps just scratch the surface. With all-in-one software, you can improve work for every inch of the business. 

Want to learn more? Schedule a demo today to see how it works. 

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