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Employee Spotlight: Serina Paige

Posted by Davisware Team Member on Nov 1, 2018 4:19:15 PM

In this Employee Spotlight, we would like to celebrate Serina Paige. Serina is the Customer Service Manager at Davisware, Inc. She is an innovative problem solver who wears numerous hats at this company. With roots in the business for as long as 15 years, she has gone from an administrative assistant to a lead management role where she inspires everyone to be their best. Throughout this past decade and a half, Serina has built a reputation for her successful problem solving and innovative skill set that has helped shape the company we see today.

Regulating an office is a considerable measure of work, however, Serina is up for the challenge! “What motivates me is seeing results. Completing new, challenging tasks are what keeps me going.” When motivating the team, Serina utilizes a supportive approach. She enjoys helping her team evaluate a problem and work on steps in order to find a solution. “I love managing and helping people so seeing others do well that I’ve helped is a huge motivator.” Serina adds, “I am not a micromanager, I like to give people space. It is important to let individuals learn and grow on their own in a workplace but if I see an issue, I approach it head-on.” Serina describes herself as someone who can remain calm in any type of stressful situation. With a leader like this, it’s no wonder why the Davisware team is such a well-oiled machine! While embracing the core values of integrity, innovation, and growth, Serina says, “I like to motivate people and give them an incentive. I find it important to show my co-workers gratitude for doing a good job, no good deed goes unnoticed.” While steering the team to success, she embodies and enforces team-work and hard work each day.

After work, you can find Serina spending time with her children, reading and practicing her acoustic guitar. “Music is a huge passion of mine. I love to go to concerts, sing, dance and write songs.” When I asked Serina who the person is that she admires most and why she answered without hesitation, “My aunt. Growing up, she always had a positive attitude and I have continuously valued her quality of strength.”

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While at Davisware, Serina has been dedicated to bettering not only herself but everyone around her. She says, “failure is often inevitable. If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn. When I make a mistake I ask myself, what did I do wrong, what could I have done better, and what am I going to do next time.” Serina has watched the company evolve and has been along for the ride through changes and growing pains. With that being said, over the next five years, Serina sees Davisware producing continuous growth and introducing new products. Serina is looking forward to the future and watching new technology developments for our customers come to fruition as we now have the backing and support to take our customers to new heights. “I see us being able to expand and releasing more great products that focus on a broader spectrum.”

Part of being the customer service manager at Davisware is going above and beyond for our customers. Every step of the way Serina always has strong faith in the companies mission and goals to help better the lives of those using our products. When asked for just one example, she smiled and explained that there are simply too many to choose from, but one that represents our dedication the most was when she was helping a Wintac customer a few years back! “There was a customer who was crying on the phone because there was a storm in New Jersey and the internet was going in and out. It was a Friday afternoon and she was nervous that they weren’t going to be able to access their system during the weekend. Their techs used our web portal in the field, so they were nervous they wouldn’t be able to know what jobs they needed to do next. Although the weather situation was beyond our control, I knew there was a way we could help her. So, I gave her my cell phone number. I told her if something happens over the weekend to call me and we will figure it out together. I reached out to one of the support techs in the office and asked if he would be able to help me if the company’s system went down and he said absolutely. All of us genuinely care about our customers, so when there is something we can do to help in any way, we do it!” It’s the people like Serina that lead companies to success. It’s the hard workers like Serina that lead companies to success. Any business can tell you that having extraordinary leadership can heavily influence the overall mood of an office and needless to say, we are very fortunate to have Serina Paige in ours!

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